ElementGold Plus+ Unsweetened Vanilla 1 kg

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1.18 KGS

ElementGold Plus+ Unsweetened Vanilla is a tasty, nutritionally-complete shake that allows for the rapid uptake and absorption of nutrients in a way that minimises the risk of triggering sensitive digestive systems.

It has base elemental blend including 13 Vitamins, 14 minerals and 10 free-form amino acids to which a premium whey protein isolate is added to provide the quality and quantity of protein needed for nutritional support.

ElementGold Plus+ Unsweetened Vanilla is certified Low Fodmap and is suitable for the nutritional support of SIBO sufferers. It is intentionally left without added sweetener to allow for a choice of sweetener and amount of sweetness. Stevia is normally recommended as a suitable sweetener but check with your healthcare professional to ensure the sweetener you add is suitable for any conditions you are managing.

It is suitable as a sole source of nutrition for adults when used as directed by a medical professional.

A 1kg tub contains 10 serves of ElementGold. Each serve provides 1580kJ. As it provides balanced nutrition, the main way to determine how much you need is to consider how many kilojoules or calories of energy you are looking to supply.

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