Elemental Food




Ideal for sensitive guts
Designed for people who cannot tolerate dairy - contains no lactose or casein
Your choice of flavours: Chocolate and Unsweetened Vanilla

What is ElementGold?

ElementGold is a partial elemental food in the form of a powder created from the highest quality ingredients that is mixed with water to form a tasty, nutritious shake.

Elemental foods aim to provide the nutrition we need in a form where the ingredients are already in a broken-down form that allows for rapid absorption whilst minimising the triggering of sensitive digestive systems.

 Is ElementGold right for me?

ElementGold is an excellent source of nutrition for people who suffer from digestive conditions. Our nutritious and tasty shakes are great for those who:

*ElementGold is not intended as a replacement for traditional treatment of digestive conditions.

Suitable for Low FODMAP Diets

ElementGold contains no lactose or casein. Our Unsweetend Vanilla product, also contains no added fructose, making this perfect for people on low FODMAP diets. 

How much do I need?

ElementGold comes in 1kg tubs in your choice of either Chocolate or Unsweetened Vanilla. One 1kg tub of ElementGold makes 10 shakes that provide 1540 kJ per shake (2080 kJ if oil is added).

How do I use it?

Four scoops of powder is mixed with 250 mL of water (and optionally 15mL oil) and shaken until smooth. As as example, an adult looking to eat 8700kJ worth of food would have 5-6 shakes. The unsweetened flavour allows you to add the sweetener of your choice depending on flavour preference or tolerance.

What is in it?

ElementGold contains protein, carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The protein is originally from milk whey but uses Ion Exchange to remove lactose, casein, fats and other impurities in a way that minimises denaturing of proteins. Vitamins and minerals are of the highest quality available and are at levels and in forms that comply with the Food for Special Medical Purpose part of the Australia and New Zealand Food Standards Code. A carefully selected blend of 10 amino acids is added to help ensure the body has all the building blocks it needs. ElementGold was uses natural flavourings developed over time with users of the product. For a full list of ingredients, click here.

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